A platform in Uganda for people to share their experiences and ideas of human rights violations through performing arts
In Uganda, various human rights abuses are part of everyday life. The suppression of freedom of speech and expression and women’s and LGBT rights are just a few examples of the abuses that the population is experiencing.

In the face of limitations, there are many talented artists who are looking for opportunities to develop and succeed in their careers.

In the Tuzinne Festival, we combine performing arts and human rights advocacy. We offer regional workshops on traditional and contemporary African dance, as well as human rights advocacy. These workshops are given in different parts of Uganda in order to reach an audience beyond the capitol, and are given by professional dancers and human rights activists from various local and international organizations.

After the workshops, a dance group will be selected in each region to travel to Kampala for 1 week to perform and learn from visiting international artists and professionals.

We aim to provide a platform to artists in Uganda to not only develop and showcase their talents, but also to share their views and stories about human rights violations and advocacy in Uganda.