Into the New Year

Into the New Year

As we start the New Year, let’s reflect on the previous one. So many things have taken place in the last 12 months. People have lost their loved ones, jobs, relationships and much more. The entire world is reeling because of Covid 19. Psalm 23:4 King James VersionYea, though I walk through the valley of […]

Where does my help come from?

Where does our Help come from   When King Hezekiah received the word of GOD that he had to put his house in order since he was about to die. The Bible says he turned his face to the wall, and prayed unto the LORD, (2 Kings 20:2).   Our generation, when faced with problems, […]

Hearing From God Part 2

Televisions and radios are always transmitting around the clock but it’s only when we tune into that we are able to see and hear what they are transmitting. Likewise, God is always speaking to His people. Sadly, not all of them are tuned in. Instead of tuning in, we are busy trying to fix our […]

Hearing From God Part 1

Hearing from God Part 1 Hearing from God is one of the greatest benefits of salvation. It creates an intimate relationship with God. However, the average Christian has a hard time hearing from God yet it wasn’t what He intended. As Christians, we receive wisdom of God protect us instead of blindly walking through life. […]

Know your role

It has never ceased to amaze me how incredibly breathtaking a pas de deuxis…well, can be. If the roles of the danseur and ballerina are not clearly defined, what is meant to be an incredible feat of strength and beauty turns into a huge, potentially painful mess. Our relationship with God is a lot like […]

What is my calling for today?

What is my calling for today?

What is my calling for today? There is so much talk of calling and destiny, so much that it leaves you feeling dizzy when you think about where your life is. This could lead you into a situation where you are wrapped up in doing rather than actually living. It is my belief that we […]

Visionary people walk through the valley to the top of the mountain

Visionary people walk through the valley to the top of the mountain

Visionary people walk through the valley to the top of the mountain (Genesis 37:5-10) Since you were born, you have grown up knowing what you want to be in life and your vision says that: one day, you will be a millionaire, go abroad, be successful…. With your vision, you must walk through the valley […]

The Holy Spirit- Our source of comfort

The Holy Spirit-Our source of comfort

The Holy Spirit- Our source of comfort When we think of comfort, we think of luxury, comfortable king sized beds, fancy meals and so on. After a long day’s toil, who wouldn’t want that! A nice hot shower, a nice warm or cold beverage after a long grueling day will make it all better. We […]

Oscar Senyonga’s Ugandan art story told

More than a year ago, artistes almost lost it when the president called the arts “useless”, and regardless of the noise made then on social media, radios or TV, no one from the president’s office came up to address the situation. Yet, during elections, artistes are the tool of choice to woo voters to different […]

Tuzinne Festival makes a point for human rights through dance

Contemporary dance has been rooted on the Ugandan scene for a number of years now. Yet, even when it has been incorporated in commercials, branding and music videos, the question of whether the message in such dances is received has stayed with us. In a symposium that preceded the Tuzinne Festival that took place on […]