Mambya Dance Company is a non-profit organization established in 2013 by Ssenyonga Oscar to give young people in Uganda a platform to express and communicate their thoughts and ideas relevant to their respective lives through the performing arts. The company creates pieces that deal with social and political themes. The dances range from contemporary to hip-hop in genre, mixed with the vibrancy of African traditional dance. The company currently consists of 35 dancers and 10 musicians at a professional level, but they are always seeking ways to incorporate more.

MDC is also involved in hosting and participating in exchanges and workshops with dancers and choreographers all over the world to give and receive new experiences; we place high value on these and are looking to increase and expand in this area.

Main Objectives of Mambya

  • To engage in activities that inform, educate, and create awareness of art, specifically music, dance, and drama;
  • To promote art as a talent, specifically music, dance and drama amongst youth;
  • To improve the skills and quality of life of rural youth and school drop-outs who are talented in the arts, specifically music, dance and drama;
  • To provide guidance and counselling to children, especially orphans and disabled adolescents, to help them discover their talent in music, dance and drama;
  • To empower youth to improve their economic status by generating income from music, dance, and drama, which can enable them meet to attain a good living standard;
  • To offer professional advice regarding music, dance and drama;
  • To create jobs for youth who train in different fields of music, dance and drama.

Long-term Goals of Mambya

  • To establish Tuzinne as an annual event;
  • To open a dance school and performing arts centre;
  • To establish an association that can empower and give a platform to the young African community to raise their voices and speak out to the public, hence affecting change in their lives and the lives of those around them.

Mambya Dance Company

Mambya Dance Company is a registered company run by Ssenyonga Oscar and is management of five office stuffs that largely are working on contract with the company, while also having a regular team of dancers and musicians. Associate staff are contracted as deemed necessary. Additionally,